Chat Apps

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Chat Apps

In this Digitalized world, every day we see technology advancing and upgrading by bringing out new features which tend to make our life much easier. For instance, mobile phone have developed applications through which we can check our messages, send emails, read news, learn a new language, order our favorite food, chat with friends and other countless activities. But while developing new apps, app developers face a common challenge that is they have to adjust a huge amount of content on one page of the app. Not everything can be managed on one page and that’s what makes it seem difficult.

To address this issue, a new type of application is being developed now-a-days called Chat Bot. These are dialog operated applications and the dialogs are conveyed either through typing in a text box or saying it out through microphone. These applications are much faster and easier than web apps for the users. So let’s discuss the pros and cons of these chat bots and what advantages do they have over web applications.

Chat Bots

Chat bots are dialog operated computer programs that can conduct conversations with the user through textual or voice generated methods. A similar program is live chat which is an online customer service which functions through software programming and unlike chat bots, it is human operated. Both of these applications have gained much popularity these days and are used by most companies and online businesses to improve their customer experience.

Chat bots and live chats get their users involved in conversations to find out what services do they need. Now which one of these two will you need depends on which type of business you owe. Both of these applications have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will focus more on chat bots and how they can be useful for your website or online business. Below are given some pros and cons of using chat bots.

Pros and Cons of Building Chat Bots


  • They provide an interactive user experience.
  • It will be much easier and faster for users to get their work done because people talk faster than they type so it will get more work done in less time.
  • These are cost effective as they can be created without spending too much money.
  • Chat bots operate without human supervision so it will chat for hours without human help. This can save time, money and energy.
  • Chat bots can even be accessible to visually impaired, spatially impaired (loss of fine motor skills), dyslexic and elderly people as they can get their own personalized chat bots


  • Chats bots will only respond when a customer asks specific questions and will not respond if the message contains misspelled words or grammar errors.
  • Voice operated chats bots are at a disadvantage as the voice recognition algorithms are still not well developed till now. This can cause the users to be frustrated as they need to repeat themselves again and again until the app recognizes all the words correctly.
  • It’s hard for users to analyze data until they know what exactly they need. Also, some users find it difficult to keep the whole state of application in their head rather than seeing it on the screen.

What’s Better- Chat Bots or Web Apps?

It will really tough to compare chat bots and web apps but because we have a huge number of apps in our phones which of course are difficult to manage, chat bots can wipe out most of these apps. It’s not that bots will replace apps but surely chat bots will make our experience better than ever. They serve as a great opportunity for businesses to reach customers and deliver their services in a highly personalized manner.

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